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TV Stand Size

Recommended TV stand sizes seem to be about the same as the HDTV size.  Why can't the stand be narrower as long as it is big enough to hold the HDTV's base?  For example, I would think I should be able to use a 26" wide stand for a 42" plasma (41" wide), even if it means a 7 1/2" overhang on each size of the stand.
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Re: TV Stand Size

Hey greyhound,


As long as you are looking at models that are large enough to accomodate both the length and depth of your TV's base, the only dimension that you really should be concerned about is the maximum supported weight of any given TV stand.  Obviously, if the TV stand you choose is not able to support your TV, you could be looking at a disaster waiting to happen.


From my experience though, larger TV stands are primarily recommended to allow owners more storage space and the ability to customize their home theater area.  On the other hand, smaller stands generally allow TV's to become more of a focal point, rather than forcing them to "blend" into their surroudings.


Personally, I know of at least two people that opted for a larger TV stand simply because it was an easier solution than buying separate book cases for all of their DVD's.  Sure, their TV stand has now taken on a life of its own (and has apparently started reading Stephen King), but they wouldn't have their living room any other way.


Hope this helps you out!


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Re: TV Stand Size

Thank you very much, Aaron.  Because the TV's seem so stable on their base, I didn't think the TV (not the base) overhanging the sides of the stand would make a difference.  Fortunately, the dimensions on my old stand are larger than the base and I'm testing it's strength with weights.  At a minimum, using the old stand buys me time to think about stands/furniture.
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Re: TV Stand Size


Did you have any problems using your old TV stand?  Also, what size TV stand did you buy

for your New 42 inch TV?  I just purchased a 46 inch LCD TV and I  have the same situation

that you had.  Thanks.