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TV Size and Mounting Height Advice

I just moved into a new place and I’m looking for some advice on a couple things re the TV setup.

1) TV size: In most cases I will be 10-15 feet from the TV. My couch sits relatively low at 17.5 inches. I’m thinking of going with the 75 inch Sony X900H. Tv will be primarily used for movies and sports (not a big gamer). Any advice on TV size?

2) Mounting Height: Given the viewing distance and TV size, any advice for how high on the wall I should be mounting the TV? I might consider not mounting and just leaving the TV on the media console. The media console sits about 29 inches off the ground. 

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Re: TV Size and Mounting Height Advice

A good practice it to set up the TV so the middle of the TV is about at eye level

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