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TV Questions before purchase

I currently have a 32 inch television and I want to upgrade to a size slightly bigger. However on my dresser it appears I can only accomodate a 32 inch television with the legs on the left and right.


I've read some reviews online for some televisions that the legs can be put in the center as opposed to the far edge of the TV. Anyone know of televisions that can accomodate that? 

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Re: TV Questions before purchase

Hey, hockeycanuckjc,


Thanks for checking in with us our Super User. Finding the perfect TV should be an enjoyable experience, not a struggle with technical details. A TV with legs in the center should solve the limited dresser space.


While I’m not familiar about this selection, I would recommend consulting with a Home Expert for the  best advice. Hope you find a TV that meets your needs.


Happy shopping!


All the best,

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