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TV Advice Needed

I want a big (55" to 65") and affordable ($2000- $3000) TV. There are so many models with so many features out in the market now and I'm completely clueless on what to get. Please make your recommendations simple as I'm not really familiar with technical terms.



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Re: TV Advice Needed

With that kind of budget, you could definitely get a high end TV. Take a look at Panasonic plasmas, VT50 in particular, or LG's LED LM series. I would recommend Samsung but not right now. They have that thing with screen uniformity issue and their 3D sucks.

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Re: TV Advice Needed

Welcome to the forums, Brad.


Take a deep breath. It's not life and death. First thing you gotta do is go look at TVs. Don't buy anything. Just look. Write down the models you like, then hit the internet.


Cnet and forums are a good place to review specs and get some feedback. If you're web savvy, a smart TV may be worth a look. In my opinion LG is the only company with a useable smart interface. That TV from Samsung that you talk to and wave to is simply not well thought out.


The plasma versus LCD/LED question will certainly come up. Personally, I'm a big fan of plasmas. I own a Pioneer. With that said, if I was in the market for a TV, it would be an LCD/LED. It's just a more worry free display, and more in line with my multimedia needs. However if you're a movie buff, plasma is gonna really do them justice.


LG has really impressed me, but Samsung has earned a right to be where they are. Sony still has great image processing, but you're gonna pay for it. Sharp is bringing the BIG tv at an affordable price. If you do decide to go plasma, it's all about Panasonic.


Good luck!!!




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Re: TV Advice Needed

If you noticed most tvs now are smart and 3d capable. You can definitely get one with the budget that you have. Panasonic is really good at producing plasma tvs. In my case however, I prefer LG. Both are good tvs and both are user friendly. It's just that plasma tvs have an active 3d (it flickers), which I'm not comfortable with. I didn't experience the same thing with LG. Samsung is a popular brand but I don't know if I would recommend it because I just read another post a couple of minutes ago and the user expresses disappointment with their customer service.

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Re: TV Advice Needed

Everybody has an opinion about what is best, but most opinion are ignorant statements disguised as helpful advice.


my thoughts: 

Dont buy a TV for 3D, most TVs come with it anyway, but do not let it sway you towards a certain model.  If you do have the internal debate between Active 3D and Passive 3D, just now the facts and do not listen to anybody who tells you that one is better than the other.  It boils down to personal preference.


The facts:

Active glasses: PROS-full 1080p resolution, moderately better off-axis performance. Less "crosstalk" in the 3D image (ill let you google that term yourself Smiley Happy) CONS- Some people notice the flicker, some dont.  More expensive than passive glasses.


Passive: PROS- Cheaper, less weight, doesnt have to "sync" to the TV to work.  CONS- not true 1080p, therefore not High Definition while viewing. More crosstalk in the image.


My subjective Opinion:  I personally prefer Active because I am a stickler for getting Full-HD from my TV.  Passive works well for me but gives me eye-strain.  Not everybody has the same reaction.  Try both and see what you like.


BTW, the vendor provided 3D displays in store are terrible, do not make your decision based upon these as it does not replicate the actual experience in a home.


As for the plasma vs. LED debate:


Plasma- on an even scale, better picture quality, black levels and absense of motion blur.  No "Hz" ratings necessary.


LED- Artificially back-lit, producing worse contrast, HOWEVER, some rooms are too bright for plasma TVs, therefore LED is the closest to plasma quality you can get while having enough brightness to overcompensate for the brightness of the room.

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Re: TV Advice Needed

Not many good TVs come in 65 inches. I only like big screen TVs. If you are also a fan of big screens, then try search the specs of LG 65 LM6200, LG 65 LW 6500 and Samsung UN65D8000

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Re: TV Advice Needed

Samsung UN65D8000? No, no, no, as pinkzroxor said, at least hold your choice on Samsung for now due to its unsolved uniformity issues.

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Re: TV Advice Needed

How about checking out LG's LM9600? Its design is the best according to CNET. Really impressive just like what SlimJim77 said about LG.
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Re: TV Advice Needed

I would heartily +1 about not worrying about 3D.  Until there is a standard, it is all worthless (beta vs. vhs, Blu-ray vs HD-DVD, etc).


Would also not get worried about the "refresh rates" (i.e. 120Hz, 240Hz, etc), as they do nothing for almost all broadcast and recorded media.  Best to leave it turned off.


I own LG, a 55" Smart TV, and I absolutely love it.  However, there are some very compelling models from Samsung and Panasonic. 


I won't conern myself with the whole LCD vs. Plasma boondoggle, as nethier is superior (no flaming and no posting trying to postulate otherwise); they both have their pros and cons and which of the two is best in your situation is not easily covered in this kind of forum.


Do you research, and most importantly find one whose design, ergonomics, and picture meet your approval.



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Re: TV Advice Needed

I'd like to add another little point: gaming.  If you're a gamer and you invite friends over to play together, definitely check out the Dual View feature in LG TVs.  Try it out at a local Best Buy if you can!  It's great.  You can pretty much have two players play on the SAME TV FULL SCREEN.  But if you're not a gamer, then I wouldn't know what to recommendm, I'd say that anything could go depending on what you're looking for specifically.


Just keep in mind that:


Plasma = better black levels

LED = better brightness and power consumption