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TCL Roku Sound No Longer Working via Receiver

Hey there,


I bought a TCL Roku TV that I setup a home system with via a Marantz AV Receiver. There has been no problems until recently. I noticed the sound started glitching on/off over the past week and no will not come through the surround sound. As soon as I turn off the receiver, the sound wil work via the TV speakers. But now even the TV speakers will gltich on/off and I'm worried that they may break soon. 


I've looked at all the connections of the speakers and checked all the audio settings on the TV. I know the receiver/speakers are setup correctly because they work with my Xbox and when playing music via Spotify. It's just the TV audio that doesn't seem to work. I didn't change any settings on the input of the receiver nor TV before the sound started.


I'm afraid it could be the sound card on the TV itself.

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Re: TCL Roku Sound No Longer Working via Receiver

Hey, GobBluth,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! While I wish you were reaching out under happier circumstances, I'm glad you took the time to share this with us. As someone who likes to relax at the end of the day by putting on a good show, I know how frustrating it can be when your home theater isn't working together like it should. 


Based on what you've said, it does sound like your suspicion of it being the sound card on the TV is correct. If you have a soundbar, I recommend connecting that to your TV instead to see if it's still running into the same issue.


However, if the issue is being caused by the sound card on the TV, you should be able to bypass that by getting a Roku Stick or Chromecast, and connecting it directly to the receiver. 



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Re: TCL Roku Sound No Longer Working via Receiver

Actually, this reply is kind of false depending on what you meant. If your refering to the Roku sound card then yes your sugestion would prove the issue, but if its the acutally soundcard/amp/whatever you want to call it, that actually drives the tv's speakers, then trying a hdmi device would have literly no effect.