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Surround sound

I am having samsung smart tv UA40ES5600 and sony home theatre DAV DZ270. Can anyone help me with how to get surround sound..?
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Re: Surround sound

Your Sony DAV DZ270 should have instructions on how to set it up.


Essentially you have a set of speakers and the receiver.


1 Center Speaker.  You will want to place this in front of your TV in the middle  Above or below depending on your situation.

2 Front speakers, left and right.  Try to place them about ear height on either side of your TV.  Set them up to that an angle drawn between the left speaker, where you sit and the right speaker is about a 45 degree angle.

2 Rear Surround speakers.  Should be placed at ear height behind you at least 4 feet.  If you cannot put them back that far then as far as you can go

1 subwoofer try to place that directly under the TV in the center.


You will hook up your speakers to the amplifier putting the correct wire to the correct input.

Then depending on you system and how you wish to configure it.  

You can connect audio out from your TV into the receiver

you can feed your video into the receiver via HDMI and then output to the TV.  

There are a number of ways the connection can be made.


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Re: Surround sound

Additional thoughts....

  • what is your signal source?  Cable TV box? Blu-Rays? ATSC antenna?
  • if a cable box.... is surround sound enabled on the cable box?
  • what channels are you watching?  what are you watching?  Not everything has surround sound.

Love surround sound.

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Re: Surround sound

Hi hiteshjm, 


Surround Sound is amazing, and I'm exciting for you to have it in your home!


Please follow bobberuchi's advice on how to connect your Sony DAV DZ270 to your Samsung UA40ES5600. If you're a visual learner you can find the manual here for the surround system. 


XL asked a few great questions! The more information we have on your current set-up the more specific we're able to be when making recommendations. 




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