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Surround Sound 5.1 receiver and Bluray 7.1 DVD sound incompatible

The Best Buy web site Blu-Ray Guide says you "can enjoy excellent audio quality from your Bluray player using your existing 5.1 channel audio system". I just purchased a Sony BDP-S350 and routed audio thru my Sony STR-DE635 5.1 receiver with a coaxial digital cable since my HDTV is DVI (HDMI video only). My 5.1 receiver will play the previews and menus of Bluray DVDs in 5.1 Dolby in multichannel decoded surround sound, but not the movies if they are any of the newer audio formats. E.g., NARNIA in 7.1 DTS HD or RESCUE DAWN in 5.1 DTS HD. In fact when you hit play and the movies start, there is no sound at all. You have to go into the Blu-ray players setup and change audio settings to HDMI under Output, or to Downmix under Dolby and DTS just to hear the movies in 2 channel. I ran this thru Sony's Support Chat site with no luck in finding any way to make the new audio formats backward compatible with my 5.1 receiver. Smiley Sad So know that you can enjoy excellent audio sometimes - if it's old standard 5.1 Dolby.
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Re: Surround Sound 5.1 receiver and Bluray 7.1 DVD sound incompatible

I think that you are out of luck as the table shows on page 62 of your manual at


Note 1 on this table says "When Audio Output Priority is set to stereo analog, LPCM 2ch signals are output from each jack.  I would check this setting.  I would also check out notes 2 and 4.  According to their own table, the player should output bitstream in 5.1 D or DTS.


Out on it appears that another person is having the same issue and someone recommended this:


Double check the following settings:

Audio Output Priority: HDMI
Audio HDMI: Auto
BD Audio Setting: Direct
Audio ATT: Off
Dolby Digital: Dolby Digital
Audio DRC: Standard
Hope this helps....
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Re: Surround Sound 5.1 receiver and Bluray 7.1 DVD sound incompatible

Thanks for the suggestions but I am all out of luck hearing any true multi-channel from the new audio formats - I've gotten a plethora of advice and tried virtually all the permutations possible and all of the suggested changes in settings that didn't result in no sound at all, were decoded mostly as PCM (46kHz) on the receiver's screen and played as 2 channel sound (no blue light designating multi-channel decoding). So I guess I'll just have to watch my Dolby Digital 5.1 Blu-ray Dark Knight over and over which works just fine, and reset the Blu-ray player's audio everytime I want to hear any of the newer formats - in 2 channel enhanced by my receiver's fake surround sound modes (or buy a new 7.1 receiver).


The Blu-ray Dark Knight DVD has Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio and I guess my receiver is automatically decoding the older Dolby Digital 5.1 multi-channel audio version. The Blu-ray Narnia DVD only has English in DTS-HD 7.1. Why wouldn't this DVD (and all Blu-ray DVDs) also have old Dolby 5.1 English, since they have 5.1 in French, Spanish, Hebrew and Chinese included on the disc!