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Stuck choosing Philips 65PML9306 or Samsung QN80B

A very simple question, I am stuck between choosing one of these two. I can get my hands on the Philips price quite competitively to the Samsung so that is not what I want to focus on so much, more the tech of the TV and performance.

I've scoured around and am struggling to find reviewed on the Philips 9306 but then when I bought my last Philips, I had the same issue. Just seems they don't "plug" their TVs to the review firms as much. I looked at the thread on here but it's such an extensive length of pros and cons it just made it more challenging to decide. However what I have seen generally says the quality is very good, blacks are so so, motion can struggle but generally is a high performer.

Then there was the QN80B that cropped up and what got me thoroughly stuck is while it's not Mini LED, it is well reviewed for HDR brightness (while not Dolby Vision) and on a par with the Philips, but seems to be better reviewed for its blacks, backed up by the Kitele website. The big downside of the latter is a lack of ambilight, which I feel I will miss but maybe with a good quality viewing experience and bright HDR,.this would not be missed.

So now I'm at a crossroads and need the opinion /experience of experts on here.







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Re: Stuck choosing Philips 65PML9306 or Samsung QN80B

Hi, Richfi,


Thank you for connecting with us and welcome to our Forum! Purchasing a new TV is a big deal, so I understand looking for some advice on these two options.


From my experience, I don’t think you can go wrong with either of the options you are inquiring about. However, I would recommend visiting your local Best Buy to speak with a Home Theater Specialist, as they are best equipped to assist with your TV search. I am confident that they can help advise and make sure you find the perfect big screen for your home set up.

Jack|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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