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Sony audio cuts out Matched system

I just purchased a Sony 900H and the Sony DH790 with all Sony speakers


I've updated the TV to the latest firmware release in October.

The Stereo was already on the latest.


I'm plugged into the port 3 HDMI EARC Port with a High-Speed Cable, which I have swapped with others.


The audio cuts out so far while using any APP on the TV.  Steaming and Games. It does appear to be happening a certain intervals (Every hour) and last for a specific time (Roughly 15-20 seconds). I've adjusted multiple settings to no avail.   Currently its set to A.V.R and often autos to Dolby.  The DH790 is set to 5.1.2 with HDMI Enhanced turned on. 


On Disney+ when watching the Clone wars show the audio will cut briefly when the scenes change.


The Subs Auto Sleep is turned off, yet either it or the DH790 will make the click noise like it is going to sleep.


When I stream from the PS4 ( Direct to game port on DH790) these issues do not seem to occur.

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Re: Sony audio cuts out Matched system

In the TV menu look for a setting for Audio stead out put.  Not certain what it may be called. Variabel or Fixed. 


It solved the issue on my TV

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Re: Sony audio cuts out Matched system

Hi, Goatar,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community and thank you for taking the time to register to our forum to share this experience with us. I know that I like to unwind by putting on a good show, so I can imagine how frustrating it would be to then keep encountering audio issues. That's not the experience we wanted for you, but I'm glad you said something for us to step in!


Have you had a chance to try out bobberuchi's suggestion to see if that helps? If you give that a try and are still having audio issues, I recommend trying out the troubleshooting steps in our Home Theater Troubleshooting Guide.


If you need more help, please let me know!





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