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Sony X950G constantly freezing up. Tried

So long story short, In October I went to my local Best Buy to purchase a new 4K TV. I originally had my mind set on either A Samsung or LG brand TV, but was talked into a Sony TV. The rep I spoke with told me that Sony was the best TV brand and that I shouldn’t look at the other TVs I had originally come for. Dummy me, took the associates advice and ended buying a 55” Sony X950G TV. The TV arrived and I installed it and it was great...great picture quality, good sound, and decent functionality. Then the problems started about 2 days after the return period of 15 DAYS ended. The TV would occasionally freeze up right after turning it on. The buttons on the remote would refuse to work at all. First thing I attempted to resolve the issue was restarting the TV by unplugging it because the remote would refuse to do anything. After plugging it back in, it would startup, freeze momentarily, and then be okay until I would turn the tv off and back on again. Then repeat steps of it becoming completely unresponsive l, unplugging, plugging back in, waiting for startup, and then another momentarily freeze. At this point, I attempted a factory reset in hopes that it would fix the issue, but to no resolve. I contacted Best Buy and told them that I was unhappy with my purchase and that I was experiencing these issues with the TV that their rep had advised me to get. They would not give me a refund or exchange because I was out of the return and exchange period. I feel cheated and that I paid $1100 for a TV that is functional about a quarter of the time I have had it in my possession. I am asking that my issues be heard and that I can get better support than I did when calling the customer service line. If it weren’t for the constant freezing and unresponsive ness, it would be a great TV, but with these issues, I can’t recommend it to anyone nor can I recommend Best Buy as a place to purchase such an expensive item. If this had been Amazon, I would have been able to return it for a full refund within 30 days no questions asked when the issues started at about day 17 of my purchase. Thank you to anyone who can help me and it would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Sony X950G constantly freezing up. Tried

Hello, Tsimmons87,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! 


As someone who recently purchased a Sony TV, I certainly understand the appeal in that model, so it hurts me to hear that it started freezing a few days outside of the Return & Exchange Promise. It's never fun to have a product not work as planned, but I know it's even more difficult when it's a new purchase. That's not the experience we intended for you when you came to us for a new TV, but I'm glad you shared this with us so we can look at our options.


Normally, I'd recommend checking out our Home Theater Troubleshooting Guide before reviewing next possible steps, but it sounds like you've tried a lot of our troubleshooting tips already without success. While I can't guarantee a certain result once it's outside of the Return & Exchange Promise, I can imagine how I'd feel if in your position, and want to see what I can do to help.


Using the "Private Message" button in my signature below, can you please send over your full name, phone number, and email, so we can get started?



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Re: Sony X950G constantly freezing up. Tried

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your new Sony.     Sony sets are the best.  Don't give up on it.


Try poweing on the TV.  If it is still frozen.  Try powering it off.  Unplug the power cord from the wall for about 30-35 seconds.   Plug it back in.   Then power it back on again.


1. Press the Help button on the remote.

2. Select System Software update

3. Select Automatic software download.


A new firmware update will download and install on your tv.   As long as you are connected to your wi-fi.  If not, you will have to go to the set-up to do that. 


You could always download the the firmware update to a USB - thumb drive and install it that way as well.   I hope this helps and that you are happy with your Sony TV.  I just bought an X850g and updated my firmware.  


You should be able to find it at



Let me know how you fare with the firmware update.   I think the latest version is v6.6520 

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Re: Sony X950G constantly freezing up.

I, also, purchased a 55" Sony X950G TV about six months ago and have the exact same problems with freezing shows streaming from Youtube TV and Netflix..  In addition, I purchased a Sony soundbar.  The volume get extremely high without my doing anything and is difficult to adjust.  Sony tested the soundbar and said it is good.  I have good internet service from Atlantic Broadband at 200mbs (expertle checked out a good to go) and have not experienced and problems with my older Samsung Smart TV, computers, or cell phones. About three months ago,  I was told by Youtube TV that the Sony X950G TV had not been certified fot streaming Youtube TV.  Not sure how significant that is but it may be a place t start for a high tech individual.  My solution, to restore streaming after a freeze, is to simultaneous reboot my Sont TV, modem, and router.  That always fixes the problem until it occurs again.  The freezing usually occurs about once or twice a day.  So, since I like everything else about the Sony TV (color, built-in chromecast, Android features, great remote), I'll just keep turning off the single power switch that powers the TV, modem. and router; then, after a few precious secounds, turning it back on.  I did connect a remote switch to do that job but it appeared to have a mind of its own and ocassionally turned everything off.  Maybe, I need a remote switch with more amperage.  The whole process of rebooting everythng takes about five minutes.  That's just enough time for a comfort break and fresh cup of coffee. So I'm not ready to give up on Sony yet.  So many companies, so much competition, and highy complicated electronics.  Am just happy that it all works as well as it does.  Good luck!