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Sony X950G 75", best in that price range?

Hey All,

I am about to upgrade my HT and my wife and I are finally gonna upgrade to 4K. We are looking for something in the 2500 range, 75 inch, overall good TV for mainly movies and TV.

Went to a few stores today, and just based on our current viewings, the X950 seemed to be the best 75 inch in the 2500 range (found it at that price a couple places). Does anything else compare? We were hoping for OLED but that seems out of the picture. And Samsung TVs just... seemed not as good.

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Re: Sony X950G 75", best in that price range?

I have been in the upgrade consideration for a bit now. 


I think your on the right track the X950G is my second choice in a 75" new TV

The 77" OLED being my first choice. 


I almost purchsed the 900F last year, but my local Magnolia Store guy hinted to me that the 900G and the OLED's were coming


My store actually has the 3 TV's close enough together that if you easily compare them.


The X950G has an amazing picture. And anyone should be very happy with it.  But if you are unfrotunate enough to see it next to the OLED it might sway you..


I have a Best Buy Credit Card, right now I can get the OLED with 24 months interest free financing.  If you have the $2500 on hand for the other TV you can make a payment to your card right away.


But on the other hand you still cannot go wrong with the 950G.  You could track the prices for awhile 


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