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Sony Trinitron KV36XBR400 Malfunction Please Help!

I have a Sony Trinitron KV36XBR400.  In the past year the switch to turn on has broken 3 times.  There is a leak or something according to the repairmen.  It just happened again.  When this happens the power button just makes a clicking sound and never turns on.  The picture and screen on the tv work perfectly (if the tv powers on).  The cost of repairs costs around $200 - $300 each time.  Does anyone have the same problem or know if it is worth it to keep fixing this tv?  Or know why the same thing continues to break ? Any input would be of great help!  Thanks!
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Re: Sony Trinitron KV36XBR400 Malfunction Please Help!

Hi Maggie, welcome to the board,

For $300 to fix it, and with high possibility that it will break again. I think it's time to get a new TV, new LCD TV's are cheaper nowadays. You can find an EDTV LCD 36 inch for less than $600, plus LCD's are light/thin, with higher resolution screen, and uses less energy compared to old bulky CRT TV's. You will save  money in the long run. Smiley Happy