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Sony Bravia Z KDL46Z4100

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I recently purchased the Sony Bravia Z series TV model number KDL46Z4100.


The quality of the picture caught my attention as this particular TV looked better than the others on display. Even though the salesman said the displays were running off a standard loop in the store the picture itself had such detail and lack of motion blurring that it looked almost 3D (sorry for the lack of a better explanation).


However, even with my Blu-Ray player I cannot seem to match the same quality I saw in store. I can watch the exact same scene from The Dark Knight and noticeably tell a difference. Mine does not seem to have the same clarity when in motion.


I have played with the settings and even looked at some websites online that give suggestions. Anyone know how the display model gets such a great quality and what specifically the calibrations need to be?

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Re: Sony Bravia Z KDL46Z4100

Make sure your Bluray resolution is set to 1080P.


Your set is equiped with 120hz technology. This is a feature that may have been active at the store, but disabled on your set. Insure that the Motion Flow feature is engaged. Good luck.

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Re: Sony Bravia Z KDL46Z4100

Wired Magazine article about calibration and Best Buy on 29 Dec 2008.


Food for thought.
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Re: Sony Bravia Z KDL46Z4100

I have the same set and experience no problems with it, the picture is amazing even with all the light coming into the room during the day.


Like previously suggested, try setting your TV to Standard or High for "Motion Enhancer" and make sure you're using a HDMI v1.3 cable. I also change the "Picture" setting to Cinema mode (I made some changes to the color and other picture settings). You might want to press "Theatre" on your remote too, that could enhance the picture. Good luck and enjoy!

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Re: Sony Bravia Z KDL46Z4100

No problem here. this TV is great. It went on sale at CC for 1449 with free blu-ray player. Smiley Happy