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Sony A90J remote awful battery life

I have had my Sony A90 since August 21 and my TV has again requested new batteries be inserted, this will be the 3rd set since I received the set.

Thinking there may be an issue with the remote I contacted Sony support who inform me this is normal and they would only think anything is abnormal funder 20 days.

The remote is a thing of beauty and I can only assume it’s the back light that consumes the power, all the batteries used are decent ones.

I have fitted new batteries and turned off the back light to see how it goes now.

Oh! And in case anyone else with a Sony reads this I seem to be only able to turn the back light off with fresh batteries in the set.




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Re: Sony A90J remote awful battery life

Just out of curosity what kind and brand of batteries are you using. 


Meaning are you usign rechargables? Or some bulk buy non main brand. 


I know rechargables tend to have a very low batter life before needed to be charged.


You should be able to go a very long time on a single set of batteries. 

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