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Sony 940e

Sony lists the 940e as a current for 2018 model. Best buy sold them last year, as they did the Z9D. Now the Z9D (a 2016) model is available through Best buy, but the 940e which is still current, is not. Will the 940e be available this year, and if not why?

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Re: Sony 940e

I started in on the search for a new TV.  The E series from Sony is indeed the previous model and has been replaced by the F series.  Best Buy had a phenomenal sale on the last of the E series a couple of months ago to clear them out. 



I even had one on my saved items list so i could watch sale prices. They went fast. 


I am now gearing up to buy the 900F.  I was in a magnolia store when they first put the F series on display.  Generally with TV's this high end I really think you have a hard time seeing a difference. But you could with the E and F side by side. Or one over the other as it were. 

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Re: Sony 940e

I spoke with sony customer service, who told me the 940e is a 2018 current model "carry over" like the z9d. They were under the impression best buy was still seling them.

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Re: Sony 940e

Even I have ask sony for this and got similar reply.

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Re: Sony 940e

Greetings Friends,


Thank you so much for your interest in the Sony 940E. As Luke-BBY noted here on special-k’s post we’re not in the currently carrying the 940E model. We’d be unable to speculate if this will return later this year, or be privy to any information surrounding the why of it if we aren't.


The 900F model is a great alternative choice, and as bobberuchi has noted it’s truly an amazing model. You’re welcome to review the listing for the 900F model here.




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