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Sonos Playbar problem with Samsung TV - "External Speaker" PopUp on TV Screen when changing volume

After connecting the Sonos Playbar to my Samsung TV I kept getting an "External Speaker" PopUp on my TV when I changed the volume. The solution from Sonos did not work and I couldn't get a solution from my BestBuy store so I did a Google search and here is the solution that worked for me:


Below is an extract from the link above that worked for me:



  1. On the TV: Use the Smart remote to goto: Menu > System > Device Manager > Universal Remote Setup
  2. Press the start button and add a HTS (Home Theater System)
  3. Select the “optical output”.
  4. Choose “Bose” as the company. Bose worked for me, maybe the brand is inconsequential.
  5. The TV would now go to a verification screen where it tests if it could power up the HTS. Ignore this and press yes.
    NOTE: Here its noted that the the user can quickly switch between the external speakers and internal speakers using
  6. Now while watching TV, use the on screen remote to switch to the external speakers.

DISCLAIMER: I am no hardware expert and I don’t know what exactly makes the things work. But these steps worked for me and now I can use the TV with the SONOS Playbar without the annoying popup.


I hope this helps someone else frustrated with this problem!!