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Re: Sharp TV LC-43LB481U disconnecting from wifi

It reflects poorly on Sharp, that they have manufactured a tv with a problem that may not be fixable/they aren’t addressing, but from my perspective this is showing an even worse problem with Best Buy. Apparently 2 stores administer the warranty policy differently: yours at least is trying to fix it, mine wants $100 for the same service. I suppose I could wrap it in a blanket and try the ship out repair but to do so and then have nothing repaired because it will work fine when they plug it in and test it would be infuriating. I bought my refrigerator from Best Buy... would I have been expected to lug that back in too had something gone bad in the first year?  Or pay $100 to use the warranty that was included as part of the purchase.

At this point the unplugging/plugging back in is less hassle (just did it AGAIN).  When they make a warranty a hassle to use they save the cost of repairs and loose a customer...and judging by how many views this discussion has gotten there may be a lot of us.

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Re: Sharp TV LC-43LB481U disconnecting from wifi

It also depends on the time of day you call BB customer service.


I originally called at night - after it had disconnected for the 3rd time and I had a minor fit -  I believe the support center I was connected to was outside the US; they told me to drag my 43" TV into BB to have it looked at (and they acted as if they were doing me some huge favor).  I thought that ridiculous so I called back the following day, during normal US business hours, and they explained about the co-branding of the model between BB and Sharp and that BB supports the 1-year warranty; once they verified when I bought the TV, they arranged for the on-site tech visit.


The first call (the outsourced agent) was a fight, they did not want to admit that they had to fix the TV and only after several minutes of angry lawyer-speak did I get anywhere with them.  The US agent was pleasant and nice and there was no resistance at all.

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Re: Sharp TV LC-43LB481U disconnecting from wifi

Hello, Cski,


Thank you so much for posting that you had difficulties requesting some additional assistance with your 43” Sharp TV. I’ve been closely monitoring this thread and I’m very sorry to hear that.


Your TV is an exclusive Best Buy model and should be able to be serviced by Geek Squad. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address? I’d be happy to see how I may be of further assistance to you.



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