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Sharp AQUOS 32" LCD TV

We purchased a Sharp AQUOS 32" LCD TV, model # LC32D40U. The date purchased was June 15, 2006 at the Best Buy in Janesville, Wisconsin. We now reside in Old Town, ME. This TV was defective from the start, however, my husband was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma and went through a year of treatment, including a stem cell transplant. 10 days before his diagnosis we had an accepted offer on this home in Maine. So much has occurred that we never had a chance to get the TV in for repair. We dealt with it not working properly. It would go on, run for a while, then the screen would go black. I'd turn it off and tap it, then turn it back on and it would work for hours. It has progressively worsened to the point of no picture anymore. Can we do anything although it has been almost 3 years now? In these 3 years, we had to move to Maine, then  my husband went through surgery, my brother is dying from colorectal cancer, my daughter in law just lost her parents in a serious auto accident, and so many other horrible things have occurred. Can someone help us with this? Thank you! BTW, we did take it into our local store, but I'm praying the outcome will be "no charge!" The young man that took our TV claimed he would do what he could for us. Very polite!!!