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Samsung video output

I recently purchased a Samsung 65 inch led tv model number UN65MU6300FXZA and been having problems with receiving full screen picture. Some channels I have full screen picture and on some channels I have a smaller picture with black borders that run horizontal on the top and bottom of the tv. I’ve tried different setting and have autofit screen sizing and nothing changes it. Anyone have ideas how to solve it?
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Re: Samsung video output

Hey Darren3369,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum, and thanks for choosing to purchase your new Samsung TV from us!  Upgrading your home theater system is always exciting, but it can quickly become frustrating when your new tech doesn't quite work how you want it to.  I'd be happy to jump in and see how I may be able to help here.


In regards to the various channels you're viewing, are these all from the same input (e.g. cable box, SlingTV, etc.) or are you using various inputs when you experience this change in screen size?  If it's the former, I believe this would fall under the jurisdiction of the cable company or streaming provider, as it is my understanding some channels may still present their content in varying aspect ratios.  If you're using different inputs altogether, though, that could be a different story.


If you can give me a bit more insight into your setup, I will gladly see what other troubleshooting steps I may be able to provide.



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Re: Samsung video output

You're watching non high definition channels and/or non high definition content on a high definition channel. As an example, your HDTV has an aspect ratio of 16:9. I Love Lucy was filmed in an aspect ratio of 4:3 so it's going to show up as a square on your rectangle TV with "black bars" on each side. A cinematic movie is filmed with a ratio that is wider than your TV so to fit the whole movie on the screen it has to be zoomed out resulting in "black bars" on the top and bottom. This is completely normal and the only thing you can do about it is to manually change the picture size on the TV or cable box each time you experience that.

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Re: Samsung video output

Thanks for everyone’s reply’s. I have resolved the issue with the picture.