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Samsung UN32J5205 vs. Samsung UN32J5500

I plan on replacing a 32 inch TV, and I've been eyeing two Samsung models, UN32J5205AFXZA (sku: 5555039) & UN32J5500AFXZA (sku: 4380083). The only major differences I can tell is that the 5500 model has quad core, an extra HDMI port, and a feature where you can show your mobile device screen on the TV. Are the additional features for the 5500 worth the extra $50?
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Re: Samsung UN32J5205 vs. Samsung UN32J5500

Your right not  a huge amount of difference but I think the breaking point for me would be the extra HDMI input.


And the more expensive one is listed as having a slightly better energy profile.


But you need to consider what your going to hook up to it.


I have 3 HDMI devices hooked into mine.

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