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Samsung TV

We have had our HDTV for about 1 year. When we turn on the TV there usually was a green light  and it is labled 'lamp' the light has recently gone out and no longer remains lit while the TV is on.. any advice? is our bulb going to die? thanks
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Re: Samsung TV

Hey cmontiel26,


From my experience, most TV models that have this kind of feature will display a red “Lamp” light instead of a green one when the unit’s primary bulb is failing or has already burned out.  What you’re encountering may simply be that the green LED has shorted out, and not the lamp itself.  If you’re unsure though, I would strongly suggest contacting Samsung for more information.  Samsung should be able to provide you with further details regarding what this problem might be, and can reached by calling their toll-free customer support hotline at 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864).


Hope this helps you out.


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