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Samsung NU6900 Ethernet Slow

I have a newly purchased TV and noticed that it only gets 30Mbps over ethernet. For 4K content, that number is the minimum; my TVs max is 30 but other times less.

I cannot use WiFi because of distance issues and reliability; I only get 2.4ghz with this model.

Is it right that ethernet is only getting 30mbps max, while it should go up to 100Mbps according to specs?!

I had NU5300 and its ethernet did beyond 75mbps but had to replace it because it was not 4K!
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Re: Samsung NU6900 Ethernet Slow

There can be a variety of factors that relate to your Internet speed.


I have a NU6900 for my kids in my basement.  I actually use it on wi-fi and while it is not as good as Ethernet it is good enough.


Are you getting the 30 Mbps reading from the TV?   Hook a computer up via Ethernet, turn off your wi-fi on the computer and see what you get there. 


Your Ethernet should be able to deliver 1 GB per second, which is multiple levels faster than the best wi-fi


Chances are the issue or issues are between your router and your Internet provider.  


100 Mbps I assume is the spec provided by your provider saying this is your potential. 


Factors that have effect.  I will assume you have a cable modem and get service from the cable company


Number of splits betweent the street and your devices

The quality of the splitters between the street and your devices

Quality of your cable between the street and your devices,  Older cable is going to be of lower quality and not able to provide the bandwidth.

Your router itself


Long story short (well maybe not so short).  I purchased an HD TV.  I was very excited, but the quality of the picture was not so great.  I kept getting pixel break up.  and it was frustrating.  Also my Internet speed was only a fraction of what I was paying for.   The service technician from Charter (now Spectrum) came out and hook up his meter.  He said I have a horrible connection and was surprised I could get an HD picture at all.


My house was built in 1988 and still had the original cable.  It  was also set up so when the cable came  into the house it  split multiple times to each room in the house.  EACH split degrades your signal.   The BEST practice is to have the cable com e into the house.  ONE high quality splitter.  One split goes to your modem the other goes to your cable box.  If you need to send cable to other rooms then the line going to your cable box, split that.  


At the end  of  it all Charter replaced all the cable from the box on the street all the way to my modem and Cable box.

My medial experience changed 100%.  


A few years later I changed out my router because my kids were having wi-fi issues in their rooms.  I upgraded to a really good gaming router and I can now stream music via wi-fi while mowing the lawn.


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