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Samsung 58" 4K LED (UN58NU7100F) Home and Source button issue

Yesterday I bought this television from my local store, the UN58NU7100F. I got home and set it up fine, but did not connect any devices to it as I just wanted to use the smart tv apps to play netflix for the time being. 


This morning when I woke up I turned on the TV, and it came right back up to Netflix as expected. But when I pressed Exit on the remote to go back to the home screen to play around with other apps, I noticed the smart hub menu would not come up. No matter how many times I pressed the home button, it would not bring up the menu. It was stuck on the native live tv streaming app (i forget what it's called). I even pressed "Source" on the remote to try to change sources but that menu wouldnt come up either. Settings works fine, I could change channels and volume no problem. But it seemed almost as if the samsung smart hub interface was bugged and wouldn't load!


I tried a number of troubleshooting steps I found online. I soft reset the tv by holding the power button on the remote until it reset and the logo came back up. I reset the smart hub interface in the settings menu, which logged me out and I had to log back in. I unplugged the TV from the power source and let it sit for 30 seconds and plugged it back in. None of these things fixed the problem. It was still stuck on that one live tv app and I could not change source or app at all.


Finally, I hard reset the whole TV back to factory settings and went through all the steps to set it up from scratch again (didn't take long, but annoying). This seemed to fix the problem for now. I have not been home since so I am not sure if the problem will come back, but I am worried this is a firmware bug or something like that. If so, I would like to find a way to either revert to an old firmware or install a patch of some kind to fix this issue if there is one.


Has anyone else had this issue or heard of it? Are there any permanent fixes? I really dont want to have to exchange this TV as I love it otherwise, but I may have to if this is something that can't be fixed.

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Re: Samsung 58" 4K LED (UN58NU7100F) Home and Source button issue

Hi tommygatz,


Welcome to our community forums!  Being unable to access a particular menu or setting on my TV would certainly cause me to feel a bit frustrated, especially if it prevented me from accessing any sort of application on-screen.  It sounds like you've tried all available troubleshooting steps at this time, and I'm happy to hear a factory reset seems to have done the trick for you.  If further issues arise, I'd recommend contacting Samsung to troubleshoot these issues in real-time or to see if a firmware update may be available.


I hope this helps.  Thank you for writing to us.

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