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Samsung 46" HDTV picture not clear

We just bought a Samsung 46" HDTV. We even upgraded our cable service to HD so that we'd get the best picture possible. But, in my opinion, the picture is less than clear ... on some stations, there's lots of ghosting and pixelation. We're running the cable to a HD DVD and to the tv. Any suggestions about why the picture sucks? Maybe the cables themselves? Not sure who to call to help ... the cable company or the Geek Squad. Anyone have a similar experience? We could have stayed with our old tv for this kind of picture!
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Re: Samsung 46" HDTV picture not clear

Keep in mind that many channels on HD cable packages are still analog.  If you are seeing ghosting, then you are receiving an analog channel or the cable provider is doing a local analog -> digital conversion before injecting the signal into their system.  Ghosting is a result of a phenomenon called multipath, which simply kills your signal reception instead of causing ghosting for digital broadcasts.


For example, I'm on Time Warner cable in Southern Tier/Central NY, and any channel less than 100 is analog.


Most channels over 100 on the box are digital, but many are still standard definition.  Usually the cable box's program guide will tell you which shows are actually HD.


Also, depending on the cable provider and local TV providers, some channels may be "HD" but have the bitrate dropped significantly.  Some digital broadcasts will still be standard def.  (For example, the Binghamton, NY CW affiliate will NOT be broadcasting HD in the foreseeable future.)


Where are you located?  What cable company?


How's the PQ with the HD-DVD?  (and my condolences on winding up choosing the loser in the format war...  I wish Blu-Ray had lost, if only because it's Sony and they deserve to lose every format war they start.  I'm surprised they won this one.)

*disclaimer* I am not now, nor have I ever been, an employee of Best Buy, Geek Squad, nor of any of their affiliate, parent, or subsidiary companies.
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Re: Samsung 46" HDTV picture not clear

What model #?


Have hooked it up to a Xbox 360 or PS3 or Blu-Ray?  Setting up the picture is best done with a true HD source.


Then go through the manual and do the set up again.