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SONY BRAVIA SMART 4K TV- Freezes constantly

I bought my TV on May 28th but didn't get it for about a week or so after. 


The first week was great! I got rid of the box because it was huge and I was so excited that the tv worked so well. 


Shortly after, it began to freeze when we were watching shows on Hulu. So I thought the internet needed to be faster. I checked the internet speed and it said it was fine but I figured for a smart tv it needed more so I called my internet provider and got the fastes internet they had. And it still froze!!


So I looked up troubleshooting ideas on sony's website which told us to directly wire the tv to the internet. In orde for me to do that I had to put the tv on the opposite side of the room. So we flipped the entire room, all the furniture and the wall decor etc. I plugged the tv in and it seemed to have gotten worse. 


Last night and now has been the most frustrating. Youtube won't show for 2 minutes before it freezes and then is choppy the rest of the way. Hulu won't load at all. And when I push the directional buttons I have to wait 30 seconds everytime for it to move. 


I'm ready to return this tv. It's that bad

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Re: SONY BRAVIA SMART 4K TV- Freezes constantly


It still might be your internet and or cable.  I had a similar issue as well. Just checking the speed may not tell the entire tale.


Long story short. 

You signal degrades the more splits you have in your cable coming to your Modem.

If the cable coming into your house is old the signal is degraded more.

Best practice is to have your set connected via Ethernet cable and not Wi-Fi, not always possible however. 


I also had the fasted my provider could supply and had these issues.  My cable was all from 1988 when the house was built even though there was fiber on the street.  The tech hooked up his device and showed me even though I had the potential for very fast I was never going to get it. 

End of it all new cable from the street to the modem. Removed all unecessary splits and got rid of low quality splitters. 

Your speed tests run a test on data streams.  Video takes up a lot more band width.


If you are running via a router and going wireless you may want to consider a dual or tri band Netgear Nighthawk.  Dedicate the TV to the high bandwidth. 

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Re: SONY BRAVIA SMART 4K TV- Freezes constantly

Hello yishay,


Welcome to our community! A Sony Bravia 4K TV is a great choice. It’s disappointing to learn that you’re having some issues with the streaming aspects of it. I’m happy that bobberuchi was able make some great recommendations of what the possible issue may be.


Do you by chance have Comcast for your cable and internet bundle? I know that they were experiencing some major outages across the nation late last week, and over the weekend. If you don’t have Comcast, did you give your provider a call to double there wasn’t an outage? Did you guys experience any storms recently? It’s possible that weather related conditions can affect, or hinder the streaming speed too.



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Re: SONY BRAVIA SMART 4K TV- Freezes constantly

If it's an AndroidTV, try a reboot (if you haven't yet) as described here