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SAMSUNG TVs do not have protective film covering, DO NOT TRY TO PEEL IT OFF

We bought a 43" Samsung TV UN43TU8000FXZA 2160P on Thursday 12/17/20 for 328.99 at Best Buy in St. Petersburg, FL, 6600 22nd ave. We thought the TV was new, did not realize until we could not find a remote and we looked at the receipt to see that it was an open item sale. We had also wondered why there was no screen film protector on the TV to peel off as we had always done with TVs in the past. The original price was $349.99 with an open item discount of $21. The TV picture was excellent, but we were somewhat concerned that we unknowingly bought a previously opened item, there was nothing on the box indicating that the TV was not new. After chatting online with customer service, they advised us to return to the store with the receipt to pickup a remote. On Friday 12/18/20 my husband returned to the store to get a remote, which they offered to sell to him for $40, even though we just spent a total of $352 on a used TV. He talked with a Manager, but the best they would do for us was sell the remote for $20 plus tax. When he returned home we were very displeased about the principal of it, being charged extra for a remote control that should have been included. We decided to return the return the remote and the Samsung 8000 TV and buy a completely new TV/remote, even though we were very happy with the quality of the TV.
We returned to Best Busy on Saturday 12/19/20 to return the 8000 TV and the remote, and pick up a lower priced model Samsung 7000, UN43TU7000FXZA 2160P for $279 (+tax $299.59). We wanted a new TV that included a remote control. After installing the TV we were not as happy with the picture quality as we had been with the 8000. Thinking it might be the screen film protector that usually gets peeled off, we used a sharp edge to start to peel what we thought was the protective covering on the TV. At that point the covering fractured and we began to realize that it must not be a removable film. We went back to the store and they said we damaged it and we could not obtain a refund. 
The sales associate said he would work with us if we wanted to repurchase the original open item 8000 TV. He gave us a whopping $50 discount. $279.99 (+tax $299.59).
All of this because Best Buy would not give us the remote that should have come with the TV. In hindsight we should have just kept the $20 remote, because it ended up costing us $299.59, the price of an entire TV. So now we have the original 8000, and also the damaged TV with the poor viewing quality that we have no use for, but it does have a remote. 
We looked online and found all sorts of similar problems, here is one:
In the past our TVs have always had a protective film covering that we removed after setting up. SAMSUNG should put a big sign on their TVs indicating that there is no protective screen covering to prevent this from happening to other customers. The sales associates at Best Buy claim there have never been protective film coverings on TV screens, well we've been peeling them off for years.
SAMSUNG or Best Buy really should do something to help offset the headache of going back to the store 3 times and incurring an additional $299 for a TV we don't know what to do with. We did damage the TV, but it was unintentional,