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Relocating to the US: Wat do I need for HDTV?



I am relocating from Europe to the US in November. I found an apartment in NYC and the landlord send me different utility applications including cable TV. I will have to buy a new TV in the US (probably Flat-Screen TV with HDTV), but I don't know what to do with the Time Warner Cable application forms.


They offering me cable television converters, but which one should I choose? These are the possibilities:

Digital Standard Cable Converters

Digital Standard Cable DVR Converters

High Definition Converters

High Definition DVR Converters


And what about DVR request? They are offering HDXtra package and/or DVR/HD-DVR.


I am totally confused!!


Thank you


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Re: Relocating to the US: Wat do I need for HDTV?

Hey Chris,


Basically, what you are looking at appears to be two different types of service: digital standard and high-definition cable.  Both choices should include the option of an additional DVR, which may come at a slightly higher monthly service fee.


If all that you’re interested in is basic cable service, you probably will want to choose either the “Digital Standard Cable Converter” or “High Definition Converter” option.  If you want to be able to record your favorite shows as well, you would need to select the “Digital Standard Cable DVR Converter” or “High Definition DVR Converter” option instead.  Remember though that in order to receive the highest resolution broadcasts available (1080i and 1080p), you would need to choose one of the two HD packages.


Hope this helps you out.


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