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Rear projection tv with DVI jack for Hd recetion

I have an old rear projection tv that has no hdmi jacks on it. What was used back then was a cable from directv genie 1 hdmi out of genie to the rear projection tv snd the other end of cable had dvi jack into the rear projection tv. This worked fine and excellent HD TV now I upgraded to genie 2 and using the same hook up but there is nothing showing in the tv. Is this a directv genie 2 ism or should I still be able to connect hdmi out of mini genie box to dvi connector on tv. Yes I realize it will not be 4K but should it still work for HDTV??? Thanks
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Re: Rear projection tv with DVI jack for Hd recetion

It is probably a matter of language.  Your TV probalby does not understand the signal coming out of your Genie 2

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