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Re: Samsung Smarttv & Samsung sound bar connection???

I was on hold with Samsung customer service for 25 minutes... but it was worth it. The tech said the HDMI ARC would be iffy with my Samsung 6290 out to my Klipsch sound bar. He said use an optical cable. So after another trip to BestBuy and $10 for an optical cable, it was perfect. No more constantly trying to reset the sound output mode. Ahhh. 

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Re: Samsung Smarttv & Samsung sound bar connection???

The only problem I foresee Thighmaster, is that if you have a soundbar that utilizes Dolby Atmos......the optical cable is not able to produce anything past regular 5.1 surround sound. I have a Samsung Atmos soundbar and what I did was put the UHD player direct to the soundbar. The 2nd 4k/UHD device was my ROKU Ultra into the second available input on the soundbar.


From there, I used just 1 cable to go from the Soundbar output (there's only 1 port) to the ARC from my TV. Now there are many times that they stop communicating for the right input that I want, but I can change the input from the soundbar directly or through the remote and that usually works. If that doesn't, then I go to the TV's home page, then manually change the TV input to where that device shows up. It will always be the same input for ARC, but the devices show their own names and that forces the input changes to work better (not flawless). 


I love the optical connection and if i didn't want to hear Atmos sound, this is the best way to get it every single time. Since I do love Atmos sound, however, you must go through HDMI cable. If all else fails (assuming you want Atmos, if your soundbar does this), then shut down all devices for maybe 5  minutes, turn them on 1 by 1 and they should make the handshakes again and all should be good for a little while. Mostly, it is just changing the inputs on the soundbar directly though.