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Hey everyone! I have question. I wonder, will a Sony 55 inch tv fit in my car (2016 Honda accord)? Thanks.

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Re: Question

If you go to the specific TV and click on Specifications


Many of them have a Specificaton for Box Dimension. 


On the Sony 55" I checked at random it is 53.1" by 32.8" by 6.3"


I havd a Misibushi Mirage G4 and a 50" barely fit in it.  Your Accord should be a little bigger, but not much.


Keep in mind, even if the opening will accomidate the height of 32.8" the 6.3" wide also come into play.  I would suggest getting a piece of cardboard and cutting it to that size and seeing if you can get it in at a straight angle without bending it. 

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Re: Question

Hey there, DoVip,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! Getting a new 55" TV is big deal, so I can understand why you'd want to bring it home same day to start enjoying it as soon as possible. I know that's the route I'd want to go too!


Bobberuchi has a lot of great advice for how to figure out how to safely transport your new Sony TV, but I wanted to recommend that you check out our article Transporting Your TV as well. That article has a lot of tips on how to safely bring your TV home, as well as recommendations for the type of vehicle based on the size of the TV. 





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