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Question about BluRay Player

So I just recently acquired the Insignia Sound Bar system with subwoofer and I am very impressed by the quality of it. Along with my Dynex 16" LED TV I think I am ready to upgrade to Blu Ray next year.


I don't want a very fancy player, however I noticed that more and more blu ray players are including streaming capabilities at a price of $60.


I think these are a fantastic value. But I already have Roku for one streaming device and don't need another. Do they sell basic bare bones blu ray players without the streaming capability, and will the blu ray player work with 720p?


If they dont thats okay too. I am thinking about the $60 sales Best Buy are having. I just wonder whats a good player when the sales are happening. I don't want to spend more then $70 after tax. But are purchasing next year.

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Re: Question about BluRay Player

I have a basic Sony Blu ray that performs very well.  I am very happy with it.


I have not looked at new blu ray players in awhile but it seems many of the stream now.  


I would look at 


  • Model: BDPS1500
  • SKU: 2548093


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