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Question about Best Buy TV Delivery

For those who have ordered a TV by mail (or a VIZIO OLED if you want to get into specifics), how is Best Buy's shipping of TVs? Is it delivered in the TV box or is there an outer box around the TV's box?

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Re: Question about Best Buy TV Delivery

This depends on how big the TV is. When I bought my Westinghouse 32" Roku TV for the bedroom it shipped in its original container. That being said, some larger format televisions may require special delivery arrangements to arrive at your house if you are ordering online. As another community member mentioned I think its a white glove delivery service for larger televisions.


Many items now if proved to be safe will ship in their original packaging. Even laptops too. This is done to save packaging I imagine. 


If you have any questions about the television you are interested in prior to purchase you can visit a store. I believe in store they can help you with delivery of a TV if it's a larger format TV that's too awkward to carry in your own vehicle or too big. That would be the best way to prevent damage. 

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Re: Question about Best Buy TV Delivery

It can also depend on your local store. 


My local store has their own truck and the 4 people that work it that  I have dealt with were outstanding. 


They deliver in an unopened box and remove everything.  I opted to keep the box and packaging for when I move someday if I still have the TV.


If you do not live near a BB that has a delivery truck then it would be shipped via a 3rd party carrier.

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