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Price to get home theather /projector setup

I've got all the equipment projector, av receiver, blu ray player, surround sound, and projector screen and was wonder how much would it cost to have best buy geek squad to come and hook everything up so it look professionally done?

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Re: Price to get home theather /projector setup

You would want to either call geek squad or go into a store to talk to someone.


Bring your receipt with all your components listed so they could give you a better estimate.

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Re: Price to get home theather /projector setup

Hi koua_xiong, 


Visiting your local Best Buy to discuss a quote would the best option! That way you can also take a few photos of what your space looks like. This will allow the Geek Squad agent who assists you to determine if any special tools will be need; like drill bits for concrete or brick. 


Also you're able to scope out any additional kits,  or wiring that will be necessary. The delivery, and installation vehicles are equipped with a limited selection of components to complete an installation; however to ensure your able to use everything right away to have everything on hand already. 


You can also view services that are offered here. Please know these are overviews of what can be included. Our Geek Squad also has the ability to perform custom work or hybrid services. Your services would be considered a custom request. 




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