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Popping noise

I'm getting a popping noise on my Sony xbr65850e tv. Sony says it's my Directv receiver so they said unplug my receiver, watch a online show. If i unplug my receiver i lose my internet connection. I didn't have any noise on my other tv, nothing new, same Sony Soundbar.

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Re: Popping noise

Hi sonson,


Welcome to the forum.  When you use other inputs on your TV or stream content from another source (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), do you still hear this popping sound?  Have you tried to swap out the cables that you use to connect the devices to your TV?  If you disconnect the soundbar from your TV, does the popping sound persist?


I look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Popping noise

How do you receive internet.  Is it via your dish or do you have a cable modem?


i.e. how does the internet enter your house?


I suspect you may have a modem that is connected to the outside world.


From the modem is an ethernet cable that goes to the DirectTV receiver.


Does your receiver have two outputs.  One going to an HDMI and the other an ethernet cable?


Unplug the ethernet cable from modem that goes to the DirectTV Receiver and plug it direct into your TV.  If there is another ethernet cable coming out of the receiver upplug that.


now try watching a streaming show.  If the popping noise is gone, then you may need to purchase a router.  The router would connect to the modem directly.  Then one ethernet cable would go to your receiver and the other to your TV

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