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Pixelization & audio distortion on 80” Samsung

I purchased an 80” Samsung TV about 2 years ago at BestBuy in Ocala, FL. We purchased 3 other 30-50” Samsung TVs and a Vizio TV at the same time. About 6 months ago we began noticing pixelization and audio distortion on all TVs and called our ISP, Bridgenet. As of today my ISP has sent two tech’s to check out the ongoing issues with no help, but a lot of finger pointing at us and at their internal operation. Need help!
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Re: Pixelization & audio distortion on 80” Samsung

What kind of television service do you have? Cable or IPTV? Or Streaming? Obviously it could be the cords that are bad. 

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Re: Pixelization & audio distortion on 80” Samsung

I had pixilization really bad when I got my 50" Plasma back in 2009


Long story short it was 


The quality of the cable from the street to my house.

The quality of the cable in my house

The quality and number of splits in my house.


Charter (now Specrum) replaced the cable to the house and to the TV and Modem.


Zero Pixilizatoin, non existant lag, and much higher speed internet. 

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