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Paralyzed & unknowledgeable TV/projector

Okay throwing out that I am paralyzed from the shoulders down & I have sleep insomnia. I share this because you can imagine I watch A LOT of TV and movies!

Currently I have a 65 inch HD 1080 P TV. I want 3-D because you get to see most movies in 3-D when going to the theater but it's pretty difficult for me to get to the theater so I rarely go. I want a larger TV as well, not everyone can see perfectly depending on where they are in my room the way it has to be set up to handle certain medical necessities. A friend brought over a 75 inch TV just to test it out and it worked pretty good no matter where you were. BTW he brought it home it was just a test LOL


I have been saving money and have been looking at both but pretty naïve/unknowledgeable about it all really. I know the 2 refresh rates and differences up to 1080 P back when that was the biggest clarity but after that, I've got no idea.

Would it be better to purchase a TV or a projector? Use what I have and watch sports/movies on projector screen otherwise use current TV? Or purchase completely new TV? If TV, what kind? I like the 3 major brands; Samsung, LG, and Sony. Is it smart to wait and not purchase a 4K TV, just get one that is 1080 P and wait for the next technology after 4K, like LG is unveiling? Can someone please help me out?


There are more questions for certain situations but I am assuming you all would know the situations other than the ones I asked. I thank everyone for their time and help. Thank you

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Re: Paralyzed & unknowledgeable TV/projector

Personally I would go 4k before I would go 3D if I had to make the choice.  Don't get me wrong I love 3D movies but the movie producers no longer really seem to go out of their way to produce WOW 3D movies like Avatar.  


A few years ago I would have consuled against 4k due to the lack of content.  However that is changing in a big way these days.  If you have service like Amazon Prime or Netflix they are carrying more and more content in 4K


That aside I am a fan of Sony and Samsung. But if you put me to it I would select Samsung over Sony almost all the time.  But the Samsung TV's are really awesom in and of them selves.


And I would be more inclined towards a TV over a projector.  Projectors are pretty good but they still work best in a dark room.


Fortunatly thought the price of 4K with 3D TV's has come down.


However, 75" TV's are still very expensive even for the cheapest one.



I don't know what your time line is but as you seem to have a working TV decide on a few that you want to watch and check them every day online for price.


I have a Pioneer Plasma that I picked up 7 years ago this month.  However it was way out of my price range.  So used a patiene and picked out 4 or 5 sets I would be happy with and all of a sudden one day my Plasma was reduced by $2500.  15 minutes later my order was place. 


Now that will not always happen. But if you pick the sets you want and watch them you can get the bette deal.  Typically Best Buy has some of their better sales between now and the end of March and then again around July 4th. 


Now is typically a time of year new models come out because it is after the Holidays and the old models get reduced.


I am not an employee of Best Buy and all opinions left on this forum are my own. Please leave Kudo’s if you like a post or click Accept as Solution if a post answers your query.
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Re: Paralyzed & unknowledgeable TV/projector

If I was looking for a 75" 4k tv, I'd choose the Sony XBR75X850c. Let me tell you why.

It has 3d, a feature you like, it also has 30% more color than comparable priced tvs due to its triluminos display. Because it has more color, it can show the new HDR movies and programs streaming from netflix and amazon. HDR is a big part of the new 4k blu ray coming out soon.

It is using Googles Android Tv as smart interface so it keeps your apps up to date. You can also do google searches right on the tv! Might be useful in your situation.

Sony has a better upscaler since not a lot of 4k content just yet.

IMO it has a more "real life" color pallet, not overly exaggerated, cartoonish colors.

Thats my 2¢

Good luck

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Re: Paralyzed & unknowledgeable TV/projector

Some other thoughts...


How do you watch TV?  Sitting up?  Reclined?  Or lying flat?  Think about how it's mounted for your comfort.  Lying in bed, I'm glad one of my TV's is on a pedestal stand that nearly reaches the ceiling.


3D?  While your eyes may be satisfied... what about your ears? They say half the viewing experience is what comes through your ears.  Research 5.1 and other surround sound options.  Personally, all my TV's have Yamaha sound projectors.  Surround sound bars or sound projectors are available for all budgets.  fyi.... a lot of evening prime-time broadcasts are 5.1 surround!  Why listen to only stereo?  It's like covering one of your ears!