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Optical or HDMI ARC ??

What cable would be better for a sound bar optical or HDMI ARC....
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Re: Optical or HDMI ARC ??

Optical has been around a lot longer than HDMI Arc.


IF you are only connecting your TV to a sound bar and not to a Home Theater Receiver than it is just up to what you want to do.


One of the expert opinions on Optical is that it is limited in how much it can carry.  30 years ago the possible sound quality that could be experienced was a lot lower than what we have today and the requirements were not that high.


For my personal money I will  go with HDMI Arc.  However, as I mentioned it your not connecting to a home theater receiver you can just use an HDMI output on your tv.


Arc was designed to allow you to connect a single cable from your TV to your receiver. 


With my LG TV I can control everything with my LG remote.  Or when I turn on my PS5 it automatically switches over the input to the PS

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Re: Optical or HDMI ARC ??

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