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Onkyo TX-NR676 turns itself off then goes into diagnostics after turned back on.

My Onkyo TX-NR676 will randomly shut itself off. When I power it back on is performs diagnostics and displays the following message: "Check SP Wire" I've researched this online and it appears this is a common issue with this receiver. 


I've checked all my speaker wires, none of which have any issues (no grounds, no cross connections, etc.. I replaced my spearker wires and still experience the same issue. I downloaded and installed the latest firmware. I also reset the receiver to factory settings. nothing has fixed the problem.


I submitted multiple messages to Onkyo support and have not received any response. Needless to say, I am beyond frustrated. I have the option of having a Factory Authorized Service Center look at the receiver...problem is the nearest is over 200 miles away. I shouldn't have to ship this receiver and be without a receiver for an extended period of time. I used to think Onkyo was a decent brand.....NOT ANY MORE!


I am posting this here in the hopes that someone else has a solution. Or, someone at Best Buy will see this post and provide a solution (exchange please....)

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Re: Onkyo TX-NR676 turns itself off then goes into diagnostics after turned back on.

Hey, Deckmonkey,


Welcome to our Best Buy community forum! 


We know how important your receiver is to you, so we're sad to hear that you continue to receive an error saying to check the SP Wire. I know that can get frustrating, but I imagine it would be especially so when you've made such an effort to check all of your wire connections, and gone as far as to replace the speaker wire in an effort to fix this issue. 


That isn't the experience we want for you, so we're glad you reached out to share this with us to explore your options! While I can understand your desire to exchange this unit, we would need this purchase to fall within our Return & Exchange Promise to qualify for an exchange. If the purchase is outside of that time-frame, then the next option would be to look into a repair.


You mentioned that you've tried to work with the manufacturer, but haven't heard back. Do you know if you purchased Geek Squad Protection on your Onkyo TX-NR676? If so, you can schedule an appointment to bring your receiver into your local store to be looked at and possibly repaired under the protection plan. 


If you don't have a Geek Squad Protection Plan, but have Total Tech Support, our skilled Geek Squad Agents should still be able to help out by offering support at a discounted rate.


Otherwise, if you don't have a Geek Squad Protection or Total Tech Support, it does appear that unit has a manufacturer warranty for up to two-years. If you're in that time-frame, continuing to work with them would be the next best move.







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