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Older HDTV and Blu-Ray Player

We have an older HDTV (RCA HDLP61W151). We are wondering if these tvs work with Blu-Ray players at all? IF the quality of the picture will be better than what we currently have with our DVD player?


I bought a sony blu-ray player for my husband for christmas with a HDMI cable and he says it will not work - there is no HDMI connection on the back of the TV. He says even if we get a converter to connect it to the DVI-D connection it will still not be better than what we already have? 


Does anyone know if that is the case? 

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Re: Older HDTV and Blu-Ray Player

If you are using an "older" HDTV that does not have an HDMI connection, odds are it does not support 1080p(the best available image of high definition - without having good connections to companies, or TONS of cash)...


That being said - if you have a DVD player that uses DVI already, its probably an upconverting DVD player(produces a High Defintion picture). The Blu Ray Player will upconvert to whatever format your TV will allow(720p....1080i...and such) YET it probably will be along the same lines of video that you are currently watching.


So....if you already have the Blu Ray player, use it and keep it ready for when you buy a newer HDTV so that when that happens you will notice a better picture Smiley Happy


Also....the blu ray player you purchased may very well have a DVI connection - the HDMI is nice that you get digital video and sound from one cable, but to save from buying an extra cable(hdmi, and connector *or going with a HDMI to DVi*) just use your current(if your using DVI already....


If on your current HDTV you are only using a plain jane regular DVD player, and the old school red/yellow/white plugs...then the blu ray player with a DVI connection will look much better Smiley Happy