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New technology submissions

I've got ideas for about three different products.

I know enough about the electronics to know that it can be done and explain the the analogous theories of how to get it done but I don't know how to physically do it myself or understand beyond a simple nature

I was wondering if Best buy's own "house brands" like Insignia, Rocketfish and Dynex accept submissions for new inventions.

Most of the foreign electronic TV giants like Sony and Samsung don't usually deal with the outside public.

Also for video game equipment it's hard to find a domestic company because I think I found a bias that Japanese companies have. For example I submitted in my idea of sinister sticks which is an ambidextrous fight stick for one console or more, to Hori USA. The American submissions manager said that was a brilliant design it should sell well in the United States and yet the main headquarters of Hori in Japan would not allow this to come through. If Hori USA's submissions manager said my idea was good but they can't legally act on it's because his foreign bosses won't let him maybe Rocketfish could be the manufacturer of this ambidextrous joystick.

The three products I propose to be invented are as such:
1. A way to add 3D on to any 2D TV which is demonstrated possible by the Sega Master System's Sega scope 3D. That solves the problem of the early 2010s of premium TVs selling for less with 3D than the same TV with 2D. And that also solves the problem of putting 3D only on the most expensive TVs and then complaining that it doesn't sell because though the feature itself may cause the hundred dollars the fact that it's only tacked on the premium TVs makes it sell less than it deserves.

2. A headphone surround adapter that'll work with all media whether it be Dolby Atmos dtsx lpcm 7.1 or something else to convert normal signals of those formats into two-track headphone formats that could be distributed by a FM radio to multiple headsets an offer more exact positional based soundtrack that does not depend on the shape of your room.

3. Sinister Sticks. Do most people prefer left-handed joysticks? I don't know ever since the days of Super NES and Sega Genesis 6 button controllers, no console license joystick was ever ambidextrous or even right-handed only. All joysticks from Street Fighter 2 onward were made left stick exclusively except for a couple of rogue companies that made Ambi sticks for the PS3 but they weren't licensed by the consoles. I don't know if too many American joystick manufacturers but this would be a good opportunity because my design is very ambidextrous friendly.

Most joysticks on the market even though you can program it to 180 the joystick the button contours are all wrong to make it work correctly. Ideally a joystick's button layout should frown at you, not smile. Your hand your fingers are shaped in a frown arrangement not a smile arrangement.

Just wondering if Best Buy store brand products like Dynex, Rocketfish, and Insignia accept ideas for new technologies that would be Best Buy exclusives.
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Re: New technology submissions

Hi there, tripletopper,


Thank you for stopping by our community forums again with these ideas for different products. There's certainly some interesting thoughts here and I can understand wanting to get these to the right place.


While we accept ideas for Best Buy and the shopping process in via our IdeaX, we are unable accept ideas for new products. I would would recommend reaching out to each manufacturer directly to learn more details on their process for accepting submissions. They will be able to provide the most accurate information regarding this process.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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