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New Vizio HDTV (First HDTV EVER!)

I need some help from people who own HDTV's.


My question is, what do i need to get the BEST out of my 26" Vizio HDTV?


I've heard about HD Tuners and it has one built i set or do i need something else? 


I've heard alot about all these boxes and stuff to get on the side to receive signals and whatever...


I just need an HONEST opinion on the cheapest way i can go about this....


Thank you for any support you can offer!

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Re: New Vizio HDTV (First HDTV EVER!)

All you need to recieve digital over the air TV stations is a Digital Antenna. One that is amplified.


Terk is a real good brand name when it comes to HDTV Antennas. 


Take a look at this antenna:


Terk - Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna


Its gets the job done to recieve your local channels. Its very easy to hookup. You just skrew the coaxial cable into the back of your TV and then scan your TV for these channels and you are set!


All HDTV's have built in ATSC tuners so you do not have to worry about purchasing a converter box.


Those boxes are for people with old televisions, and buying newer TVs in the stores wont have this issue. 




Another Scenario:


If you have Cable Television or Satellite Dish, you will have to rent out a High Definition Cable Box / Satellite Reciever in order to take advantage of High Def TV.



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