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New Samsung 300 Series 32" for 499.99

i bought this tv and i cannot tell if it is jacked up or its my cable.  the hd channels are fabulous, when they work, but they go in an out. and it bleeps in mid sentence. its like someone will be talking and it will go bleeeeeeeep right in the middle of it.

and my other channels look awful. i had a 32" sanyo before and none of the channels looked horrible on it but they do on this samsung and i cannot figure out why. the tv looks great. 

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Re: New Samsung 300 Series 32" for 499.99

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You are probably watching unscrambled QAM channels on your HD set. Have you looked at channels 2 through 10 on the analog band and see if there is any snowy?


If you are seeing snow on any of those channels, the signal strength of the HD counterparts of those channels will not be optimal. You might want to get a signal amplifier for your cable line and see if things help 


Your cable company might need to run a new line drop to your house/apartment if you cannot get this corrected yourself.

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Re: New Samsung 300 Series 32" for 499.99

If your old TV worked fine, maybe its just a wiring problem. Try a new cable from the wall to the set.