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New 4K TV, do I need to replace my BluRay player?



I just purchased this TV:



I already own this Sony 3D Home Theater system:


But I was wondering if I will see much of a difference upgrading to the 4K Home Theater, it looks basically the same as what I have currently:



Or does anyone know if I get this unit:


Will I be able to use the speakers I currently have and just plug them into that new receiver?


What should I do???


Thanks for your help


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Re: New 4K TV, do I need to replace my BluRay player?

Now that I look at the receiver I guess it doesn't play movies?  So I would still need the bluray player?


I'm guessing I won't need the receiver since I don't have cable?  I stream and dowload everything, and play discs.



So, if I use my new 4K tv to stream YouTube 4K movies, am I seeing 4K or do I need something else?  I figure if the content is coming strait from the TV then the content should be 4K right?


What about when I plug my laptop into the TV and play a 4K movie?  Will it be true 4K or do I need to plug my laptop into a 4K receiver then have that going into the TV?


I'm so confused.. LOL

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Re: New 4K TV, do I need to replace my BluRay player?

I just have to say the guy in the store at Best Buy was awful, he didn't answer any of my questions.  Basically he told me I have to have the receiver otherwise my picture quality isn't going to be any better than standard HD TV's.  He was very non-helpful which is why I came here.

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Re: New 4K TV, do I need to replace my BluRay player?

Actually, instead of getting the new home theater, what if I just got the new receiver and hooked the old home theater and new TV to the new receiver??  Would that work?


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Re: New 4K TV, do I need to replace my BluRay player?

Hello rtb1980,


I am discouraged to hear that you may have spoken to one of our sales associates about upgrading to 4K, but you left without your questions being fully answered. It’s enlightening to hear that you found our forum and I am grateful that you have posted with us.


The TV you have purchased is a really nice model, I bet you are going to love it! To get the most out of your new TV, you’ll obviously want to take advantage of its 4K capability. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to do just that and what components you will need. These things are based on exactly what you would like to be able to do.


From what I am gathering, you would like to ability to watch YouTube videos and an occasional movie in 4K. In order to watch any content in 4K, you need to make sure it’s supported. For example, some YouTube content will specify if it is available in 4K and these should be able to be streamed directly through your new smart TV. This will be the same for all video/movie streaming apps available on your new TV. As far as watching movies, you will want to get a home theater system that supports 4K, with a Blu-ray player. While not all movies are available in 4K, the Sony BDVN5200W says that it will upscale to 4K for brilliant, detailed visuals and could be a great choice for you. Your current model does not have the ability to play 4K, therefore, it would not display as true 4K on your TV.


If you chose to go with a receiver, you can think of it as a central 4K hub for your home theater system. A receiver may have the ability to pass-through 4K video to your TV, so, you might be able to purchase the receiver and connect your current Blu-ray player, just be aware that the video should be upscaled, since your current player is not 4K compatible.


I really hope this helped. Please let me know if you have any more questions regarding your 4K experience and set-up! 

Emily|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: New 4K TV, do I need to replace my BluRay player?

If you already have a Blu Ray player, then you don't need to upgrade it anytime soon. However, Samsung will be releasing a real 4K Blu Ray player and that is the one you want. The new player is currently on preorder for $399, and the price is set to go to $500 when it launches.
What sets it apart from the current players is other players will only "upscale" and even then they aren't great at doing it. A 4K signal requires an HDMI 2.0 output which none offer, so even when it up scales at most you are getting a 4K at 24-30 fps and with the new player will be 4K at 60fps. The biggest thing will it being able to play real 4K Blu Rays which are currently on sale. Not to mention that the new player will offer HDR support, so you'll get a much better picture right off the bat than any player you can get now.
This is the player you need to invest in, nor any other player because they aren't going to do anything different than what you already have and it will be a waste seeing that you spent money on a player that's slowly walking it's way out the door.
The Samsung player also has two HDMI outputs, one you can send to your Soundbar, or home theater receiver and the other to your TV. So you can get the BEST picture without the need to upgrade everything else. So if you have an older home theater that doesn't have 4K transfer, or HDMI 2.0, you won't need to upgrade because Samsung offers you another HDMI output that you can use to plug into the TV directly.
So you'll get the sound you need, with the picture you want.