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Need some help!

Hey all,

Lat night my TV went out so I need a new one. I am going to get a 50" Plasma (720p most likely) but need help with the hookups. I will eed to hookup the following:

1) Cable - HDMI

2) PS3 - HDMI

3) Wii - RCA

4) Xbox - RCA

5) VCR - RCA

6) PS2 - RCA

7) Laptop - RCA or HDMI

8) iPod (Sound via RCA, No vid)


My question is that I want all of these things to go through surround sound. Is there a recevier that would allow me to have all of these hookups? I would be happy with a RCA hub for all of those. I really just want HDMI input for Cable and PS3 (possibly laptop). If any help is out there, I would appreciate it.

Does anyone else out there have a lot of peropherals that they have successfully connected through surround and HD? Lemme know please


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Re: Need some help!

The only way to get surround sound is with HDMI or Coax/Digital audio. RCA will give you stereo not surround.



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Re: Need some help!

Hi There cheezweasel, 


BBBob is right that you can only get true 5.1 (or 7.1) out of a digital source through HDMI, Optical TOS, or Coaxial Digital cables.


But if your just looking to use a receiver as a switching system that will also allow you to have possibly "simulated" surround on your RCA connections there are options available for you. Several receiver manufactures provide multiple HDMI, composite, and component connections with their receivers. After reviewing the specification of more then a hand full of manufactures (Yamaha, Sony, Denon, and Pioneer) it looks like its standard to have 2-3 HDMI ports but usually only 3 component/composite connections. This might work out for you though if you were to get component connections for either your Xbox or PS2 you should have enough ports on most standard 5.1 or 7.1 receivers.  


Also most of the new receivers have optional or included IPod docks or connectors.

Hope this helps.