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Need help with audio video cables

Hi, I currently have my ps3 audio outputting from the red/yellow/white component wires, and going to my stereo for surround sound, and the ps3 video comes out the back of my ps3 through an hdmi to my tv. But now I have a ps4, which only has hdmi outputs. My stereo is older, so it only has the component inputs. I was wondering if there is any way I could split an hdmi to get the video to my tv and sound to the stereo? Is there a female hdmi, to a male video hdmi and two audio component wires? Or a similar method that would work for me? Thanks
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Re: Need help with audio video cables

Your TV should have Red and White audio outputs on the back.  Output your TV Audio to your receiver.


The HDMI from the Playstation is actually sending audio and video.

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Re: Need help with audio video cables

You can also buy a digital to analog converter. 

Dynex™ - Optical/Coaxial Digital Audio-to-Analog Audio Converter - Black 

With this you can run an optical cable from your PS4 to the Converter, from the converter you can run a set of red and white audio cables to the receiver.