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NS-50F501NA22 Insignia Picture Quality

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Purchased subject TV in Feb 2023.  Overall satisfied with the TV....except


1.  On some channels the facial tones give a 5 o'clock shadow to both the men and women.  Have tried adjusting the brightness controls, but can't seem to get rid of that shadow without throwing off the other colors in the picture.


2.  I an hard of hearing and have closed captioning on most of the time.  I get frustrated as to where the closed captioning appears on the screen.  It often apears right in the middle of the screen so as to totally cover the principle action or faces at the time.  Is there a way to adjust where it appears through the setting for the TV or is this usually a function of the app providing the picture?


Thanks for any help.....

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Re: NS-50F501NA22 Insignia Picture Quality

Hello, jkprihoda.


Welcome to the Community Forums! We are happy to have you join us! I do wish it were under better circumstances. I understand how not getting the best picture quality can impact your viewing experience. There are many factors that can be contributing to this.


It very well could be an issue with your settings, or the feed coming into your TV that is causing the picture to have that shadowing occurring. If you saw the TV on display at your local Best Buy, and you did not see that issue occurring, it could possibly be a defect in the TV. If you have Geek Squad Protection, or Totaltech, we should be able to look into getting someone out there to determine if it is a defect. You would want to contact us at (800) GEEK-SQUAD, which is (800) 433-5778.


As for the Closed Captioning, you might be able to adjust some of the setting in your menu, but the programming can override those settings. 


If you wish for me to verify if you have Geek Squad Protection or Totaltech, please use the blue button next to my signature to send me a private message. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, and email. Thanks!


All the best,


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