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My bravia TV not powering

Please I need help my Sony bravia TV medel KDL-32EX503. is not powering but the red light is showing and when I press the power botton the yellow light will show and it Will make sound as if it wants to power...yet it will not power. It will repeat twice then the red light will start blinking for 6times pls l need your help what should I do..?
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Re: My bravia TV not powering

That's a fairly common error, the 6 blinks indicate that the backlight has failed.  You can try unplugging the tv from the power outlet for a few minutes and plug it back in and you can verify that the vents on the back of the tv are not clogged with dust.  If neither of these resolve the issue, I would strongly suggest buying a new tv.  The KDL-32EX503 came out in 2010, meaning it's had a good 12 year run. 

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