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Multiple issues with new TCL Roku TV

Hi, I bought a 32 inch TCL Roku TV today at Best Buy, but I'm having issues getting it set up.


I have Directv, and for years I have it set up in a bedroom with a TV. This new TV is in my office, and I have the Directv signal ported over my in-house coax to serve this second TV on the same Directv receiver. I've been doing this for 20 years with no issues.


When I try to set up Directv with the new TV, it won't find the directv channels when I scan with the coax connected. It finds a number of over the air channels fine, even though I don't even have an antenna attached. Tried scanning 5 or 6 times.


My backup was to configure it like a VCR that requires channel 3 or 4. When I scan that way, it creates a channel 3 and channel 4. When I go to channel 4 with the coax connected to the TV, sometimes it says no signal, sometimes after about 30 seconds the Directv channel will come on, and sometime the directv channel appears right away. But while I can get a decent picture, the audio is VERY staticy and isn't watchable.


Tried connecting and reconnecting the Coax a number of times, as well as, to see if the connection was bad. No difference. Thought it might be the cable, but when I connect the coax to the old tv I was previously using in this room the audio is fine.


Anyone have any thoughts/ideas for me?





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Re: Multiple issues with new TCL Roku TV

Hello, Phil,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community, and congratulations on your new TV purchase! Getting a new TV should be a time filled with excitement, so I'm sad to hear that you're having trouble getting it set-up with DirectTV. 


Although I wish that I could provide more assistance, this is something that we'd really want to be able to view in person, as there are a lot of different factors that could be the cause of why your new TV isn't connecting with DirectTV like you're looking for. My recommendation is to work with DirectTV, who can be reached at (800) 531-5000, to see if they can come out and help get your new TV set-up to your network. 


Otherwise, you can pay to have a Geek Squad Agent come out and get the TV properly set-up and working how you'd like with our TV Connect & Setup service.



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Re: Multiple issues with new TCL Roku TV

i also having the issue i have to change it