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Looking For New TV

Currently I have a Samsung 55" 7050 but wanted to upgrade. Use tv for gaming on PS5 & PC as well as watching sky. It’s in bedroom so it’s a dark room. I’ve looked at some Hisense tvs but apparently they don’t look great in dark rooms. I also looked at Samsung Q80B but that’s the same. I do want a tv that supports 120hz @4k & VRR but with a budget of 750 I don’t know if it’s possible. some of the info on certain TVs is very misleading because it’ll say 120hz 4k but it’s in fact for the US version or at least that’s what I’ve been told.




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Re: Looking For New TV

Good Morning, Jeffpe.


Welcome to the Best Buy Community Forums. Our product boards and reviews on are a wonderful spot to start looking for information about the various televisions we offer. Utilize the options on to narrow down your search results, and then you can read through other customer's reviews to help provide you with more information about the potential purchase. You can also view the televisions on display in your local store and work with a home theater expert to learn more about the best options for your setup. 


Please feel free to send us a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address if you need any assistance with placing an order.


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Re: Looking For New TV

My husband and I have 2 TV's we have to have them on at night to sleep. One of the TV's in the living room is a Hisense 55" TV and I can tell you it looks exceptionally well at night when the lights are out and I get up to get a drink of water. 

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