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Live Streaming Choppy on Toshiba Fire TV

I purchased a Toshiba 4k Fire Tv Edition (43 inch) a few months back.  Everything works fine on it, but when I use a streaming service for live tv (Vue, Sling, etc.), the live images appear "choppy."  I've been trying to research this problem and it looks like it might be an issue with the frames per second, but there is absolutely no setting on the tv to address this issue.  (I've seen some posts about a setting for native frame rates, etc., but there is no option for that on my tv's setting menue.)  All other streaming services (Netflix, Prime, Hulu) work perfectly fine, it's only choppy/shuttery when I am streaming live tv.  Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.  

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Re: Live Streaming Choppy on Toshiba Fire TV

Hello jstiff17,


Live TV streaming is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. Looks like cable boxes are going out the window and apps are the new thing. I myself use a streaming app to watch all my favorite channels so I can understand how bothersome this can be. In regards to getting this resolved, the usual fix is to reset the TV. This resets all the settings and display options and generally solves any jittery or delayed displayed issues when streaming. If it does not, please feel free to let me know and I'll gladly dig into it further and see if we can find a fix.



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